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1. The Self-Editor must die.

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Stories rarely, if ever, appear fully-formed. The only way you will never write crappy crap, is if you never write. The first draft is where clichés come out to play and adverbs run amok. Have fun with your first draft because every written word is an opportunity for something amazing in the next draft.


2. Critics are the devil.


While writing workshops and beta readers are a valuable part of the writing process, there is a time and place for critique and feedback, and that time and place is nowhere near the first draft. Unless the workshop is specifically-geared toward generative work, you need to have your ass in the Seat of Solitude, working through your story on your own and blocking out all of those helpful "critics" in your life. 


3. I am God.


To your characters, you are a God. And as God, you can't make any mistakes, right? So what your character gets shot twelve times and is still able to fight off five blakc belts? Your power as writer is that you have the final word on the people and worlds that you create. Be God.


4. I don’t believe in Writers Block.

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I actually whole-heartedly believe this one. I know we’re inundated with images of iconic writers struggling in front of a typewriter, frozen, unable to type words, but it’s B.S. The problem isn’t they can’t type words; the problem is they are afraid to not type GOOD words, PUBLISHABLE words, PRIZE-winning words. The words haven't dried up; the Self-Editor has taken over for the Writer God. Repeat #3.


5. Writing is supposed to be this hard.

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At some point, someone must've told you that you have a way with words. Even after you've studied and practiced and published, it's still work. You will spend hours figuring out how to capture a one minute conversation between two people who secretly hate each other. You will spend days searching for the word to describe a particular shade of blue. You will spend weeks attempting to describe the smell of hot towels right out of the dryer. Welcome to the club. That’s not Writers Block. That’s WRITING.