Finding Your Form

Have you started writing something only to get stuck trying to figure out if it's a short story or a novel or memoir or a screenplay or something in between? This one-day workshop will help you find the best form for your writing through an examination of the explosive events that inspire the work. We are often surrounded by bursts of explosion, in the news, in our communities, in our relationships, in our minds. Sometimes, we inflict it upon ourselves or others, and sometimes, others inflict it upon us.

In this workshop, you will investigate the explosive events which inspire your work and use them as a guide to reveal the work's best form. Each student will leave the workshop with newly generated drafts or ideas for future work.

Instructor: Brielle Brilliant

Dates: Thursday, April 5th 6pm-7:30pm                                                                             

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Brielle Brilliant is a writer and filmmaker, known for her investigations of violence, identity, and speech. She was raised in New York but has moved around a lot, facilitating workshops, developing film projects, and ghostwriting. She received her MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and studied philosophy in college in Colorado. She's the winner of The Lorien Book Prize and her first novel, The SPUD, about a mass shooter's influence on young identities, will be published in 2018 with Featherproof Books. She loves to box.